Building energy markets coloring your life.

enechain Graphic, Branding, Website


enechain" is a startup that operates the largest energy marketplace in Japan. Based on the vision of "creating a fair marketplace where anyone can participate and exchange the value of all types of energy," and with an eye on overseas expansion and the expansion of its business domain, a comprehensive rebranding was required, including the formulation of a fundamental message and the design of a symbol and interface to embody that message. This required a comprehensive rebranding.


At Scanner, I am in charge of brand design and direction in collaboration with THE GUILD. Starting with executive interviews, we worked on a consistent concept for organizing the brand message, designing the visual identity, formulating brand guidelines, and designing various graphics and websites. The symbol mark expresses the mission of "coloring your life" in a variety of colors. The symbol mark expresses the wide range of energy offered and the color of the customer's life.

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Art direction for a gallery specializing in Japanese crafts and antiques.

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