Through innovative branding and service design, we identify and address business challenges, navigating brands towards their envisioned futures. As experts in transforming visions into reality, we are committed to our corporate mission of fostering a sustainable and inclusive society by collaborating with companies driven by purpose.

  • Hikaru Mugita

    Founder & design director

    Hikaru Mugita

  • Ryo Ishita


    Ryo Ishita

  • Miyu Fujimoto


    Miyu Fujimoto

  • Ruka Takahashi

    Design researcher

    Ruka Takahashi

  • Sho Gouda

    Design researcher

    Sho Gouda



Our skills range from creative research and branding to service design. We begin by identifying issues in the early stages of a business, designing products as solutions, and further overseeing their operation and improvement. We consistently define the goals needed for each phase of the business and guide the project accordingly.


We will be there with you right from the project's inception, guiding you through the initial phases. Our approach includes conducting user research to identify customer needs, performing market research to analyze competitors, facilitating workshops for planning, and ultimately presenting a strategic solution.

  • User research

    From the customer's perspective, we gain insights into their needs and requirements through user interviews and qualitative data collection. Through rigorous analysis, we pinpoint areas for enhancing our products and services, relentlessly seeking the optimal approaches to meet customer demands.

  • Market research

    In market research, it is crucial to examine competitors' strategies, analyze market trends, and gather quantitative data. By integrating these components, we can discern key differentiators, elucidate market size and trends, and formulate strategic marketing plans.

  • Workshop

    At the project's outset, we will organize a team workshop to communicate objectives, address challenges, and mitigate risks. This collaborative approach fosters shared understanding and effective communication with stakeholders, facilitating project planning and ensuring its smooth progress toward success.


We offer comprehensive branding support, encompassing the creation of mission statements and symbolic designs to effectively communicate the brand's message to society. Additionally, we provide communication strategies aimed at fostering deep user engagement, along with operational guidelines to ensure appropriate brand management.

  • Brand identity

    Starting from crafting mission and purpose statements to designing symbolic marks that embody the brand's identity, and choosing colors and typography to convey its personality, we build an identity that enhances the brand's appeal and differentiates it from others.

  • Communication strategy

    We devise a strategy that meticulously selects the most effective media channels for brand communication, aligning with your business objectives and the attributes of your target audience. Furthermore, we provide assistance in optimizing your social media operations to drive user engagement.

  • Brand guideline

    We will create brand guidelines that empower anyone to manage the diverse components of brand identity and communication strategy. These guidelines will be structured as updatable resources, ensuring consistency in brand activities and facilitating seamless internal communication.


We offer creative direction to bring strategy and vision to life, interface design to deliver an engaging user experience, and design systems to ensure business scalability and design coherence.

  • Creative direction

    Through overseeing and managing creative work at large, we facilitate the actualization of the vision within the realm of business strategy and guide decision-making processes in design production.

  • Interface design

    We design interfaces for web services, brand media, and various applications. Our designs focus on achieving both usability and conversion by enriching the user experience through prototyping and verification work.

  • Design system

    We establish design guidelines for visual elements, UI components, and other design elements. By creating a reusable system and sharing it with the team, we ensure consistency in both brand and service design, enhance work efficiency, and enable rapid development and design updates.