Best places we visited this year

The Struggle for Freedom

This past January, I embarked on the first solo trip of my life.

One of my destinations was Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. I was fascinated by the unique scenery of the old town and the modern buildings next to each other, separated by a river.

The most impressive part of the museum was the MO Museum. The iconic exterior, designed by Daniel Libeskind, known for the Jewish Museum Berlin and the One World Trade Center, drew me in. Many of the works in the collection never saw the light of day during the Soviet occupation.

I got the impression that the theme of “The Struggle for Freedom and Identity” runs through the entire museum.” The photo exhibition titled “Celebrate for Change” shows the ordinary people who took part in the independence movement. The revolution, which history textbooks pass over in just a few lines, was backed by the existence of nameless people who continued to appeal for “RED ARMY GO HOME. The photographs are a thrilling reminder of such a commonplace fact.

I wondered if I was not inertially enjoying the freedom that these people risked their lives for. The photographs made me question my attitude toward freedom once again.

Between tradition and modernity

Madrid, Spain.

I was studying abroad in Europe this year and visited an old Spanish friend I met in high school. The exquisite olive oil and Jamon Serrano, and the warm pink-orange lights of the city filled my body and soul to the brim.

What impressed me the most were the works of Francisco de Goya in the collection of the Museo del Prado. The “Massacre on the Hill of Principe Pio” and “Saturn Eating His Own Son,” which I had seen in my history textbooks, are powerful and somewhat graphic. The history of the blood and sweat that built Spain and the sentiments of the people who looked at the turbulent times can be read vividly from such art.

Madrid is a city where traditions are beautifully preserved, but my friend says that these traditions sometimes feel suffocating. Although same-sex marriage is politically recognized in Spain, whether it is tolerated in itself is another matter. Conservative gender roles supported by religion are still widely shared, she tells us.

We have been confronting issues surrounding gender in our newsletters, including “#40 To Gain Gender Equity How can we update values that do not fit the modern world while preserving the traditions cherished by the ancients? Now that I am a university student, I am able to express my opinions in English, which was poor when I was in high school. I will never forget the time I spent discussing and learning from each other throughout the night with old friends who share the same awareness of the same issues, even though we come from different countries and cultures.


Meeting with street children and thinking about it.

This past July, I spent about two weeks in the Philippines during my summer vacation. I spent the first three days in the capital, Manila, and then flew back to Roxas, a city famous for its fishing industry.

As it was my first time in Southeast Asia itself, I was excited by the unique atmosphere of the city and its people. One of the things that left a lasting impression on me was the street children.

When I was shopping for a drink with the family of the house where I was staying, a barefooted child of about 7 years old approached me and silently extended his palm. When I gave him the change for the bill, he walked away without saying a word, and did the same to another customer, who refused.

In fact, in researching the Philippines before my trip, I had read an article asking if it was okay to give them money. I had read an article about it. Of course it would help financially, but would it turn them into adults who would not work?

I believe that parents and schools have a major role in teaching children about money, and maybe I am part of that here. Nevertheless, if I am supporting them now, that is a good thing. scanning has in the past, in “#43 The New Standard for Financial Education“, the younger generation This article was a good opportunity to think about the more elementary “education of children and money”.