What shall we travel for?


The way to travel varies from person to person

As we approach the middle of June, some of you may be starting to make travel plans for your summer vacation.

In the midst of all this, IN THE KNOW. has featured a TikTok video about travel. The video says, “If you are traveling with someone, you need to know the difference between “travel” and “vacation. Val (@vxledw), the video creator, explains that “travel focuses on experiencing culture through museums, tours, and other activities, while vacation is a style of travel that emphasizes relaxation and enjoyment.

Therefore, to maximize the enjoyment of group travel, it is important to clarify the budget and whether the purpose of the trip is travel or vacation, she said.

In addition, in recent years, the travel style of visiting more tourist attractions without spending a lot of money and time seems to be gaining popularity among the younger generation in China. Videos of people visiting 10 tourist spots in 24 hours or spending 2 days on a trip for 150-300 yuan (about $21-43) have been uploaded to social networking sites. This is due to a variety of factors, including the high unemployment rate among the younger generation and the influence of SNS.

As the number of people enjoying travel in Japan increases again, we wonder what kind of travel style suits you best. This week’s scnanning will deliver you with an article that will serve as a stepping stone.


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