Chocolate with craftsmanship

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This chocolate store was established on the first floor of the HAMACHO HOTEL. The chocolatiers themselves carefully select the cacao beans used as raw materials in the production areas, and each product is made by hand in the store based on their own recipes. A design strategy was required to convey the brand concept of handcraft and Japaneseness, as well as the vision of "bringing richness to everyday life through chocolate".


At Scanner, she is in charge of the overall design direction of the brand. Starting with design research and conceptualization, he collaborated with graphic designers to devise brand logos, select typefaces, and propose and supervise package design for various products and store signs. In particular, for the package design, we focused on expressing sophistication, essence, and Japaneseness by developing handmade Japanese paper using cocoa husk and a package with a stacked box motif.

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Visual Identity design for an online media exploring "tea time".

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